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Jazzley John
Managing Director, Football Agent

Jim Totime
Managing Director, Football Agent (France)

Dencho Narcisio
Head of Home for Academy Players

Merrick Leijnse
Head of Home for Goalkeepers, Goalkeeper Agent

Scott Luiten
Head of Recruitment

Abdiwaasa Shariif
Video & Data Analyst

Djurandy Swedo
Player Manager

Welcome to the CASA family.

At CASA Home for Player we welcome you into our home. In our home we love football and as a family we watch out for each other.

In our CASA family football is not just a game. We love each and every element of this game. We are the first ones to come onto the pitch and last ones to leave the pitch. We are always there.

Our goal as CASA family is to become a world leading total football management agency. We strive to be the best and that’s the standard we uphold for everyone in the CASA family. Welcome to the CASA Home of Player family. And now meet the rest of the family.

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