Home for Goalkeepers

There’s always a number 1! Goalkeepers are different. In our ‘Home for Goalkeepers’ we recognise that. We have a specialised and dedicated team with the sole purpose to maximise the potential of upcoming talented goalkeepers and experienced goalkeepers. This includes management of, and also training of our goalkeepers through our goalkeepers academy.

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About our goalkeeper services

Every goalkeeper is the #1 for CASA

CASA Home for goalkeepers is a specialised agency for goalkeepers. As a CASA goalkeeper member you can expect the appreciation that you deserve as a goalkeeper.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve the needs of the goalkeeper’s community through a challenging and safe environment. We are dedicated in skills development and the football education of our members. It is our goal to develop a strong foundation for our goalkeepers, providing training based on stimulation, motivation and inspiration, and to create leaders that can manage the demands of the game.

Our vision

We operate with 3 pillars of development: stimulate, motivate and inspire. With these 3 pillars of development we develop, manage and scout our goalkeepers.

Our services

The services we provide at CASA Home for Goalkeepers are:

  • Personal goalkeeper training;
  • Small group goalkeeper training;
  • Goalkeeper management agency.

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